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Here we introduce our concept, price list and our team members.



Higashi2Chome-6, Minami 4jyou, Chuoku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

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WEEKDAYS 11:00 – 20:00 (for cut menu 19:00, for hair permanent and color 18:00)
WEEKENDS 10:00 – 19:00 (for cut menu 18:00, for hair permanent and color 17:00)


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We are growing team of hair stylists and make-up artists, each member have been carefully selected who is experienced with working widely in domestic and international. We offer Hair set and make-up for special occasions like events, weddings and parties. We also offer kimono dressing by professional kimono dresser. We can be arranged for TV, TVCM, photo-shoot, and lectures. Our specialist team can help you with our technical abilities offer a comprehensive range of innovative cutting, coloring and styling experiences.

Maaya Furuya


We have a small shop called HOPE CAFE in our hair salon and the concept there is ‘Gift’. We get most of products from Brooklyn, NY. Those finest accessories, vintage goods, arts, and furniture have been selected for ‘someone who gives a present` and `someone who receives a present`. It is of the upmost happiness to us that each of you feels love, cared for and excited by a ‘Gift’ from SALON77.

For Further information about details and receipt of our products, check the links below.



CUT ※with Shampoo and blow-dry

  • Hair cut¥5,400
  • Bangs cut¥1,080


  • Full head of color¥6,480~
  • Root color Retouch¥4,320~
  • Toner¥2,160~
  • High/Low lights¥3,240~
  • Full head of Highlights¥6,480~
  • Full Bleach
    • (very short - short)¥6,480〜
    • (medium - long)¥7,560~
  • Point High/Low lights¥2,160~
  • Half High/Low lights¥6,480~
  • Full High/Low lights¥8,640~
  • Half Painting¥7,480~
  • Full Painting¥9,640~


  • Hair set
    • Down Style¥3,780
    • Up Style¥4,320
    • Shampoo & Blow-dry¥3,240
  • Full-Face Make-Up¥5,400
  • Partial Make-Up¥3,240

PERM ※except hair cutting

  • Full head of Perm¥6,480~
  • Half head of Perm¥4,320 
  • Straight Perm¥7,560〜
  • Cleep Perm¥12,960〜
  • Hair Straightening¥16,200〜


  • Furisode¥8,640
  • Tomesode¥6,480
  • Houmongi¥6,480
  • Komon etc...
    • ¥5,400
    • ※Special way to tie an obi of Houmongi or Komon etc…+¥1,620
  • Yukata¥3,240
  • Hakama¥5,400


  • Treatment¥3,240
  • Treatment(comes with Hair Treatment kit)
    • ¥4,320
    • ¥5,400
  • Head Massage
    • (25min) ¥3,240
    • (45min) ¥5,400


  • Kids¥3,240
  • Before Opening hours we charge extra fee¥1,080× Hours

DISCOUNT(Student Discount)

  • Junior School Student30%off
  • High School Student20%off
  • University & College Student10%off

※We charge ¥2,100 for blow-dry when you only order Permanent, Color, Treatment or Head massage menu.
Please do no hesitate to contact us if you require further information.


We appreciate that sometimes you just need to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown.
Once you’re inside and comfortably seated in our luxurious salon you’ll enjoy an indulgent head massage on us,
then sit back and relax while your hairstylist crafts a look perfectly suited to you, all of you; kids to elderly, you leave with a big smile.
It is of the upmost importance to us that each client feels relaxed,
totally cared for and excited by his or her fashionable experience at SALON77.
Your experience, the whole experience matters to us too.
However, we get our members missing sometimes since they have been working internationally.
But we are very sure that we offer you luxury and relaxed time at SALON77.
After all, that's why we love what we do.


1Maaya was born in Hokkaido in 1977. He has been working as a hair designer in Sapporo.
'11 Set up SALON77
'12 Got an Awards Comments at HOKKAIDO 100 HAIR DESIGNERS EXHIBITION
'13 Performed at Crater Stage of HOKKAIDO DESIGNERES CONGRESS
'13 Graduated from Innocent creative academy
'15 Opened SALON87Brooklyn in NYC
Maaya shows great works on hair design which got both elegant and edgy style. And he is focused about his profession and his management, passionate to get Hokkaido known as a new fashionable place.


Erico has been working as a hair designer in Sapporo.
'11 Setup SALON77 with Maaya
'12 Got a professional license of Kimono dresser from Waken Hisa Style
'13 Got an Awards Comments at HOKKAIDO 100 HAIR DESIGNERS EXHIBITION
'13 Graduated from gem make academy
Erico is true expert in coloring and talented as Kimono dresser. She gives you lovely and relaxed time with all her experienced skills. She is also talented in make-up, so watch the space for future developments.


After Mana had worked as one of top hair stylist in Sapporo, she moved to Okinawa for 4 years to learn Ryukyu folk songs. She Joined to SALON77 from Okinawa in 2013.
She in a wonderfully open and friendly stylist gives great advices and suitable design for you.


Kinta was born in Hokkaido in 1977. He had worked at hair salon in Tokyo for 13 years, and also worked on fashion shows and events as a hair designer.
'05~ Attended to educator for 3 Asian countries.
'09~'12 Worked as a temporary lecture at Beauty School in Tokyo.
'13 Joined to SALON77
'14 produced 10pages in SHINBIYO December Issue
'16 Entered in SVK academy school
Kinta is experienced educator on cutting skills and makeup skills. his responsible personality makes customer service excellent and consistently satisfied clients.


Rumi has been working as a hair designer in Sapporo for 10 years.
Got an award in D.D.A 09'D1
Graduated from SVK as the 5th graduating class.
'12 Started working in the UK
'12 Joined Toni&guy UK canary wharf
'12 Joined 'TONI&GUY session team, worked on LONDON FASHION WEEK
'14 Joined to SALON77
Rumi loves to empower her clients with passion about beaut and cutting techniques. She says, “My hobby is cutting”. Perfect person if you are looking for a happy change.


Naoco was born in Hokkaido, She had worked as a hair designer in Sapporo.
'04 Started working in the UK
'07 Got back in Sapporo
'11 Joined to SALON77
'14 Graduated from a class of 2014 of SVK
Now She is working in both Sapporo and Tokyo.
She is very experienced and well known for being one of the reliance members of our team. And she has an imperious atmosphere.


She has been working in Sapporo for 11years as a hair designer.
'14 Graduated from gem make up academy Basic course
'14 Got a certificate of beauty and barber welfare hair designer from the japan beauty and barber welfare NPA association.
'15 joint Salon 77
'15 Graduated from gem make up academy advance course
'16 Took part in a photo creation seminar of MIEKO UEDA
She is a heart warming person with liberal and relaxing atmosphere who put her effort on visiting institutions as a hair designer.

Maiko Saito - Receptionist

Maiko is our head of front of house and she is always happy to help you with client’s enquires. She joined us in 2012.